Chris Griscom June 2017 Message
Dear Soul Friends,

It is time to recognize that we can attune to a higher frequency, to a higher octave, from which we can manifest what is good for the whole, not just what's good for the individual.  Then we can move back into the light, move back into that universal level from which all this world was created, all this galaxy was created.

The Higher Self is the instrument of translation that will always give you the answers.

Focus your attention on that which is unmanifest and bring it into your physical vehicle.  Take the responsibility of knowing that when you can manifest light, you can manifest matter.

Enlightenment is within us, because the light is within us.

It is a wonderful time.  It is a thrilling time, and we need to palpate and touch it.  You are worthy!  And you have all the knowing.  You'll never, ever need anything but what's inside you.  And what's inside you is unending because it is multidimensional.

We don't have to do anything to perceive a part or aspect of our holograms, of our  multidimensional selves.  We simply have to surrender and say, "Guide me."  That's all.  There is nothing magical about it.  The more we ask for it, the clearer it comes in.  The more we will hear those answers from our Higher Selves, the better the translation becomes.

There is no end to this radiating consciousness we call the Divine force.  There is no end
to us.  It is simply the deliciousness of our choices, and we do need to learn to be delicious about it.

We must move up into those frequencies of the Divine, in which life and death spin, in which the material and immaterial spin.  When we can attune to this, we can manifest the octaves, the birthright that these bodies have brought for us to manifest.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom