whatsrevenge_kat huntwhatsrevenge_kat hunt

Kat Hunt's radical and stylish first film WHAT'S REVENGE online premiere this week.

We are excited to re-watch Kat's thought-provoking, hilarious and gorgeous film online. The Brooklyn premiere was a packed house of both laughter and tears as the film draws you through the process of seeking revenge on past relationships -- demanding both gender equality and emotional maturity.

What the official online premiere Thursday January 25 on NoBudge.com

An innovative docu-fiction work, WHAT’S REVENGE, adapts elements from 70’s pulp revenge cinema to address the problems and pitfalls of relationships in the modern age. The film uses a blend of staged reenactments of real events and fictionalized scenarios inspired by the lived experiences of the cast and crew. A feminist piece of genre-bending film, made by a primarily female production team, Hunt plays the chief provocateur in a story of two friends seeking to explain the reason behind the injustices inflicted upon them by the men in their lives. Hunt’s character makes a personal mission of revisiting these indignities upon “the men” in question, on a mission to take their power back in the process. By using non-actors and their stories throughout, Hunt crafts a complex and comedic take on relationships and filmmaking.

WHAT’S REVENGE had its world premiere at the Eastern Oregon Film Festival, winning the festival’s Underdog Award A.K.A. Does More With Less Award, followed a sold-out run at New York City’s beloved arthouse theatre, the Spectacle. During 2017, it continued to sell-out screenings and won Best Comedy Feature at the Middle Coast Film Festival and Finalist for Best Narrative Feature at Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival. The film has been written about in Filmmaker Magazine, n+1 Magazine, and Brooklyn Magazine.