The ecstatic states reached in Kundalini Yoga classes is only 50 percent achieved through hieroglyphic repitions of arm positions... The real kick comes from the exquisite music culture that has grown with the Sikh-convert scene. The most note-worthy recordings are from the prolific "Crimson Collection", a 7 disc series. The first volume seems to have been released in 1991 on Invincible Music.

The beat is infectious, and it's insane you can listen to the same verses repeated for an hour; Singh Kaur melts one's sense of time.

The best part is the wailing harp -- whoever was plucking that is riding a legit Sat Nam Kundalini wave.

Crimson Collection Volume 3 is only available to purchase, not streamable, but get a sense of the harp heaven in the mellow cosmic lullaby below: