Dear Beloved Selfies,

I recently dropped into a deeper phase of break up. This experience has been massively humbling and jaw dropping in it's expansion of who I thought I was, who I think I am and who I think I will be.

Coming back to the knowing that I was never any of these thoughts. And how it's so easy to construct a shared dream with the other when thoughts align as it is just as easy to attack and feel threatened when they don't. It's only castles burning man.

I'm humbly observing the "how is this happening to me?" thought. This very "me" is the part of myself that allowed my Self to feel attacked and attached to the other Self.

It's like you're riding in a car with an obnoxiously rambunctious Pomeranian.
It's like you've got a broken radio stuck on in the room of your mind.
It's like you'd like to turn into something and you are the something that turns.

Break ups are probably the closest thing we have to receiving the direct teaching of death.
The thing that you thought you were observing is no longer there. My clarity is revealing that there is no way out. Because you aren't who you think you are. You are the dream and the dreamer.

So yes, my heart is breaking, I'm upset, I'm experiencing deep pain and regret. But also this lotus flower at the center of my heart is unfurling. A profound compassion is blossoming in my sex.

A compassion and kindness I will upward draw upon and present as an offering to Beloved when they come to sit at my feet.

In Gratitude and Wellness,

You are all I see.

Blessed Be,
Marley Moi Moi

*side note:

Don't give your heart away. (You need that shit)

Allow it to be reflected.


Photo by Katy Shayne @katyshayne

Text by Marley @quennofchi