My Miraculous 20s: A decade of Wild Grace by Amy Jenkins


Radiant Goddess Amy Jenkins has been a friend and a muse. Her positivity is a powerful and relentless force. I've watched her manifest money, work, love, a baby and freedom in an unscripted, unique way. Amy's path gives me faith that if we follow our bliss, things fall into place... AND that you can walk the spiritual path while being totally sexy, balancing many seeming opposites. In the Leo season of courageous self expression, may her journey inspire you to celebtrate, reflect on and continue your own journey.. --Luke 


My 30th birthday is coming up on August 12th. I spent my 20th birthday at an audition for America's Next Top Model in Topeka, KS. Ever since then my life has steadily become more brilliant and magical than I ever thought possible.

The turbulent ups and downs of my 20's have brought me to this place right here, right now on the precipice of my 30th birthday. As I look back over my life I am so amazed by the incredible experiences that have helped shape me into the wonderful person I am today.

Here's a list of the astonishing miracles that happened during my 20's which have impacted my life and a made big difference in who I am.

Listed in chronological order:

1. Being picked as a contestant on ANTM cycle 10 and visiting Nyc for the first time during the show's filming.

2. Moving from Chicago to NYC after my 21st birthday.

3. Meeting a guardian angel named Richard while waitressing at a grammercy park restaurant. Richard became my benefactor and paid for me to go to yoga school (among many other things)

4. Completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training at yoga to the people in St. Marks.

5. Living with 2 dear friends at a place in Williamsburg we named 'castle in the clouds'. We hosted meditations, donation yoga classes, cosmic brunch and epic parties on the regular. This was where I first practiced the art of making manifestation drawings

6. Getting photographed by Ryan Mcginley

7. Going to market hotel for the first time with my best friend Bird (Mukti) and doing acid with Rezzie and Aaron on the roof.

8. Attending channeling sessions with Brett and LQ at the 'one love portal' in bushwick
9. All the incredible shows, raves and dance parties at the legendary Brooklyn diy spots I went to - there are way too many to count, but I will ALWAYS remember seeing Friends play at shea stadium. Samantha Urbani has been a big crush of mine for a long time

10. Doing a work study and teaching yoga at Namaste yoga studio in Williamsburg. I was majorly influenced by this space and all the magical teachers who taught there


11. Getting initiated as a priestess at a Manhattan based Tantra temple. This was 100% life changing. So many amazing things happened to me during a short period in the summer of 2011

12. Meeting Nate Grace at a Pure x show at 285 Kent

13. Drinking ayahuasca for the first time at a healing ceremony in greenpoint

14. Going to the Urban Tantra workshop led by Barbara Carrellas with my temple sisters

15. Having Body Actualized meetings on the roof of the opera house. This led to us getting a space in bushwick and opening up the center

16. Participating in Occupy Wall Street.

17. Meeting up with Nate and following Pure X on tour through  Europe

18. Being a part of the Body Actualized Center. This was definitely one of the most formative experiences of my 20's and my entire life. The freedom and love that was planted here still burns in my heart and I pray it continues to do so for the rest of my days here on earth. I have no words to describe how profoundly impactful this space was on my development as a human being. I am so so so grateful to everyone and everything that happened here

19. Attending the landmark forum and completing the curriculum for living

20. Moving to Austin for the summer of 2012

21. Starting my own independent sensual healing practice

22. Having an abortion

23. Moving back to NYC and living at Body Actualized

24. Dating a beautiful woman for the first time and claiming my queerness

25.  Hurricane sandy

26. Starting the women's Rejuvenation circle at BAC

27. Holding hands with my mom and Nate while we watched laraaji perform at the 3 day long 2012 winter solstice festival at BAC. What an epic heart opening, tear jerking moment of pure bliss, beauty and perfection

28. Leaving NYC to move into a house with Nate in Austin, Tx

29. Opening, managing and co-owning a Tantra temple

30. Having $8,000 in cash stolen from our business and then repaying all of it back because I was in the landmark introduction leaders program and I had an incredible coach who demanded I be the biggest version of myself possible. Even when I wanted to run away and blame someone else during what seemed like a huge tragedy she stood for me to take responsibility and be powerful regardless of the circumstances. This was a lesson I will never forget and continue to reap the benefits from

31. Creating the GUSH zine  (Goddesses United for Sexual Healing)

32. Dissolving my relationship with my mentor and stepping away from our business.

33. Putting all our stuff in storage, moving out of our house and living on the road for 1 year

33. Doing a 1 month work study at the Esalen institute in Big Sur

34. Sitting in 3 weekends of medicine ceremony where I healed my relationship and saw visions of becoming a mother

35. Becoming pregnant!!

36. Going back to Big Sur as an extended student in the kitchen department at Esalen. I learned so much from this beautiful place and consider it the true home of my soul.

37. Working on a weed farm in Northern California while pregnant

38. Moving to Tulsa  

39. Having an epic 4 day natural home birth and meeting my son Guthrie Wild Grace

40. Leading workshops, teaching yoga and getting to witness the transformation of consciousness in Tulsa  

41. Writing out this epic list and reflecting on what a courageous path I've taken so far.

Wow, what an incredible journey its been! I am such a badass! I feel so blessed to be alive and to have met so many beautiful, inspiring souls along the way. Thank you to my friends and family. Thank you to whoever is reading this. I feel super present to the blessings in my life and I'm so excited to see what unfolds in this new decade. Cheers! Happy birthday Amy! I love you. I love myself. And I love my life.

My friend sent me a Birthday card with this Anais Nin passage: "We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations."

--Amy Jenkins

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