Kate ig: @scullerymaidbridget
1. What are any tricks or rituals you have used for success on Tindr?
Kate: let your essence shine with funky pics but keep an aura of mystery by not oversharing too much info. ONLY swipe when you are feeling high vibe and have the energy -- swiping when feeling like you're in a rut can make it a low vibe and toxic experience in my opinion. When you're feeling posi the energy flows and the matches come rolling in.

2. How do you say hi to someone you like?
Kate: you have to feel out their vibe but i usually rotate hi/hello/hey followed by a beautiful flower/fruit/shell/rainbow emoji depending on the vibe I'm picking up. I feminize the screen as much as possible with cuteness to tap into my inner power / come from a place of confidence.

3. How do you cut it off with someone you don't want to go on another date with?
Kate : as a rule im always straightforward and clearly and kindly cut the cord!! no ghosting!!

Peyton Sandler ig:pesandler_document

What are any tricks or rituals you have used for success on Tindr?
Peyton: Tip #1. Trust. Trust. Trust.
Have trust trust trust in the tinder-verse (tinder universe).
There are an overwhelming number of humans, personalities and energies to sort through, and in such a robotic way. Which can be energetically draining if I let it be...so the biggest thing for me is just trusting that ill match with / meet the people that I'm meant to. Reminding myself that it's that simple. This is the most important one,  I always go back to this one.

For example : I swipe really really really fast. Sometimes I'll swipe left on someone who I didn't mean to and get really bummed but then remind myself, trust trust lolol wasn't meant to be bb. And if it is meant to be, I 'll prob run into them in Maccarren park or something.

[side note on maccarren park...] I have it set to Williamsburg/greenpoint radius so I've sat in Maccarren park on a nice day and seen several of my matches in person. It's like the live-action version of swiping and you can read their physical bodied energy before actually having to meet them. Read their vibes, do some mental live-action version of swiping, then decide who you wanna message. I saw someone recently and was like, yeah I dig it. So I said something like "I think I just saw you in the park" ...and the person was like , "really! I'll come find you" ... and then boom, cute park date on the spot.

Tip #2. There's the "delete/reinstall/repeat" ritual which requires checking in with myself  consistently to see if the app is becoming toxic for me, like if i'm using the app in an emotionally dependent way or spending mindless time on the app. And If so, then deleting when necessary for self care break. Reinstall when emotional strength has been restored.

Tip#3. Set an intention for your swipe session. My dating needs and desires are ever evolving and change from swipe session to swipe session. So it's important for me to set an intention for my swipe session while also being open to anything the tinder-universe has in store for me.

How do you say hi to someone you like?
Depends on the vibe of the person. My personal favorite go to is "hi sweet flower" but I'm not sure how well that works. I just like the idea of admiring someone like a flower. The magical people get it.

How do you cut it off with someone you don't want to go on another date with?
A very straightforward "I'm not interested".

If it's very clear to me that I'm not interested while on the date, I communicate that in the moment...I try to make sure my body language,  communication style and energy that I put off is very clear so People I'm not interested in can feel that and don't pursue further ... if I am interested, you will know:)

 it also depends on the level of emotional and/or physical intimacy I experienced with the person.
If it was intimate, the conversation will likely expand on it

For me personally, using tinder is living in abundance. It's telling the universe, I'm open to meeting people from all possible angles. I've experienced going on a tinder date one night, then meeting someone in real life the next. It's saying "I'm open to the abundance of opportunities to meet new people"

Teva Livne ig: @magic_world_girl

What are any tricks or rituals you have used for success on Tindr?

what I do is play Spotify viva Latino- top 50 in headphones as I play swipe game. For momentum.