The Softer Image is an exploration of new ways to party.

Raising the vibe of nightlife our pop-up party uses healing modalities and superfood herbal libations to open the human energy field to fun on a cosmic level.

Imagine: a night out that heals you rather then drains you. We believe in the spiritual power of dance and community but want to de-colonize the dancefloor from alcohol and harsh vibes.

  • Let’s get psychic not blacked out.
  • Let’s get wild without getting sick.
  • Let’s get turnt while staying woke.

Each party will explore the intersection of consciousness and celebration:

  1. Healers open the space with altar-making and group rituals, calling in light and Love.
  2. Artists transform the space into serene, otherworldly portals.
  3. DJs supply heart-opening dance music.
  4. High vibe bar provided by rotating herbalists and chefs provide super foods and local nourishment.
  5. Flowers, laughter, sweat, letting go of your worries, feeling amazing.
  6. This is an alcohol free event. We are evolving as a species and can get high naturally. Our goal is BLISS.

Friday, October 20th in Highland Park, LA:


follow us on instagram: @thesofterimage

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